5 Most Incredible WordPress Firewall Plugins For Your Website

In a technical context, ’Plugins’ may be defined as the customized functionalities that can be efficiently used to extend the existing features that subsists already in your WordPress site. And if we precisely talk about WordPress Firewall Plugins, they have been designed to secure your website from any un-authorized access, hackers, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attacks or any Brute Force attack.

WordPress Firewall Plugins are alternatively referred to as WAF or Web Application Firewall. Their main role is to act as an intermediary safeguard source amid the WordPress site and the incoming traffic. Besides this, WordPress firewalls plugins helps to supervise the website traffic and thus tends to block all the impending severe security threats before it’s going to hit your WordPress site in the long way. There are innumerable and long list of WordPress firewall plugins available these days. But here we are going to discuss the top 5 most incredible WordPress Firewall plugins.

Emphasized below are the 5 most incredible firewall plugins available these days. Let’s discuss them one-by-one in detail:

1. CloudFlare WordPress Firewall Plugin:

This is one of the best available WordPress firewall plugin and is quite familiar for its free content delivery network service besides offering its end-users with the distributed denial of service protection. More appropriately, CloudFlare is often considered as a DNS level firewall and it includes a wide range of advantageous features like Caching, huge network of servers and CDN but the only limitation of this particular firewall plugin is that it devoid you of any application layer security features like protection against malware, blacklist removal, any alarming security alerts or notifications and security scans.

Download CloudFlare WordPress Firewall Plugin

2. SiteLock WordPress Firewall Plugin:

This specific firewall plugin is an application level firewall that offers malware removal and scanning services, file update monitoring, security alerts in addition to DDoS protection mechanism. Another vital advantage offered by this WordPress firewall plugin is that it offers free Content delivery service to its end-users plus a superb feature that allows the users to display the SiteLock trust seal in an authentic and superlative manner on their websites.

Download SiteLock WordPress Firewall Plugin

SiteLock WordPress Firewall Plugin

3. WordFence WordPress Firewall Plugin:

This is one of the most outstanding WordPress firewall Plugin that goes a long way in monitoring the WordPress site for any update in the file, malware, SQL injections and may more, thus protecting your website from any impending Brute Force attacks or DDoS. More precisely, WordFence is basically an application level firewall plugin, meaning that prior to the loading of your website on the server, this particular firewall gets triggered and thus targeting or blocking the bad traffic to create any adverse impact on your website.

Another vital advantage of this WordPress firewall plugin is that it has an in-built scheduled scan as well as on-demand security scan functionality, which goes a long way in allowing you to monitor the traffic on a manually mode and thus obstructing all the apprehensive IP’s directly from the WordPress Admin tab.

Download WordFence WordPress Firewall Plugin

WordFence WordPress Firewall Plugin

4. BulletProof Security WordPress Firewall Plugin:

This WordPress firewall plugin is the most that is most widely used these days.one of the most highlighting feature of this plugin is that it is well embedded within an application layer, that offering numerous advantageous features to secure to website and protecting it from any un-authorized attacks like database back-up, login-level security, maintenance mode besides various other security tweaks to secure and protect your operational website. Along with it comes with an automatic set-up wizard that upgrades all the WordPress .htaccess files and also goes a long way in enabling the firewall protection in an advanced way.

Download BulletProof Security WordPress Firewall Plugin

BulletProof Security WordPress Firewall Plugin

5. Sucuri WordPress Firewall Plugin:

What to say about this most incredible and widely used WordPress firewall plugin available. It basically offers its end-users with innumerable free services like blacklist removal service, brute force protection, malware removal as well as DNS Level security features. Sucuri WordPress firewall plugin allows only the authentic and legitimate website traffic to go through the cloudproxy servers and thus going a long way in blocking all the malicious requests. Not only has this, using this specific firewall in your website optimizes its performance besides depreciating the load of the server in the long way through various techniques like website acceleration, AnyCast Content delivery network. Along with it, it goes a long way in protecting and securing your WordPress websites from Cross site scripting (XSS), Remote code execution (RCE), SQL injections and various other severe and impending attacks.

Download Sucuri WordPress Firewall Plugin

So, to conclude we can say that you can efficiently consider all the above listed most incredible 5 WordPress Firewall plugin in your website commendable so as to fully secure and protect your website from any un-wanted and insure access.