8 Open Source Storage Solutions For Storing The Data!

Storage solutions plays a beneficial prominence in open source much further than unique competencies usually offered by most of the registered solutions. This article precisely gives you a long list of 8 such amazing open source storage solution tools that re quite flexible, scalable and powerful in handling the huge amount of data. Whatsoever will be the nature of your business, there is always some amount of precious data which you always want to keep in some safe and sound place. So, it is always required that to track some appropriate storage solutions that plays a vital role for handling your precious data besides storing it on a well-versed manner. These days, a lot of storage tools are available that strategically stores all your vital information or data in an incredible manner.

This article is precisely about all such 8 open source storage tools or solutions for storing the huge amount of data and that too for free. Besides these, these storage solutions optimally acts as a back-up mode for integrating or holding all the data that you may require, sometime in the near feature. Emphasized below are 8 such prominent open source storage solutions for storing your precious data in an incredible way. Let’s discuss them, one-by-one:

1. File Server:

This is righty considered as a dedicated Linux based open source storage solution that is based on SSL, Pydio, Samba, Webmin and many more, so as to create or develop an optimal storage solution without integrating all of them into a single approach. Alongside, one of the most outstanding feature usually offered by this freeware storage solution is that it can be used to configure both the Web-based file solution as well as Windows-compatible storage solution besides holding your huge amounts of precious data.

File Server

2. OpenFiler:

This one is quite an optimum open source storage solution that can be used to deploy both the NAS (Network Attached Storage) as well as SAN (Storage Area Networking) in quite an incredible way. For creating a storage space, you can optimally use a commercial edition and a community edition at large.


3. FreeNAS:

The creation of a quite a superlative storage solution based on FreeNAS allows you to create a LINUX based distribution that can be installed on almost every platform with great ease. Some of the most outstanding features offered by this storage solution precisely includes Encryption, File sharing, Replication, Data Protection, powerful Pug-In system along with quite an easy-to-use Web-Based GUI.


4. OpenMediaVault:

OpenMediaVault is more precisely an open source NAS based storage solution designed on the Debian Framework and precisely including various incredible features like RSync, DAAP Media Server, SSH, FTP, Bit Torrent Client and SMB/CIFS. Besides it has been usually designed with a huge Plug-in system that can be easily customized as per your requirement.


5. Lustre:

What to say about this outstanding open source storage solution for storing your huge and precious data in quite an incredible manner. More appropriately, it is usually considered as a scale-out architecture based distributed Parallel Filesystem. It usually aims at catering the large-scale storage requirements of users. Not only this, it has a unique capability to store and handle tens of thousands of nodes or we can say huge petabytes of data. The most comprehensive lists of end-users that can opt for this open source storage solution precisely includes Finance, Rich Media, Life science, Metrology, Oil and Gas industries, Simulation agencies and many more.


6. Samba:

This is one of the best, more secure, fast and stable storage solution that one can use to store his precious data. More aptly, it is aimed to support all types of clients using the SMB/CIFS , that are built on the top of Linux, Windows, OS/2 or even DOS based platforms. Not only this, there are enormous other storage solutions that are dependent on this particular storage solution for their deployment in quite an efficient manner.


7. Ceph:

This particular storage solution has been designed keeping an eye on the huge data storage issues of the users along with holding the block storage of data. Alongside, we can say that this storage solution has been considered as one of the most scalable and reliable storage solution that precisely offers amazing performance and has been aimed to manage Distributed File system and object store in an incredible manner.


8. ZFS File System:

This amazing open source storage solution has been aided with an outstanding data integrity as well as scalability features that intends to offer its end-users with best data integrity features as compared to other file systems in quite an incredible manner. Besides this, when you are aiming to install any Linux Based distribution, you can optimally choose any of the file system that you want. If however, you are configuring a LINUX based distribution, then ZFS will go ahead to confirm Enhanced levels of Data Integrity as compared to any other file systems.

ZFS File System

This is all about the list of 8 commendable open source storage solutions that can be widely used for storing the huge amount of data.