6 Superlative Ways To Clear-Up Storage Space On An Over-Stuffed Android Device!

Quite a number of time, you may have encountered this particular situation when your android device fails to install either any new update or newer software applications because it as significantly run out of storage space. This may makes you annoyed at times, but now you can easily fix out this considerable space constraint issue.

One of the most superlative strategic way to clear-up or vacate the storage space in your android device, includes rooting out significantly all the un-desired documents and offline maps application, wiping off the un-desired video files along with audio files, deleting the tale downloads, clearing off the caches and much more. Emphasized below are the 6 Superlative Ways to Clear-Up undesired held-up Storage Space on an Over-stuffed Android Device. Let’s discuss them in brief, one-by-one:

1. Clearing Out All The Cached App Data:

This one is best strategic way to vacate the un-desired space in your android device. Usually, what happens, when we crack into the android’s application storage setting tab and hit on an individual software application , we can significantly notice that each application has its own pile of cached data ranging somewhere between Kilobytes to hundreds of thousands of megabytes. This then implies to the simple fact that these cached files used by various software applications installed on your Android Device can considerably occupy about more than a gigabyte of the storage space.
More aptly to say this cached data are mere junk files that can be securely deleted so as to create more of the storage space . To apply this, just do:

Hit the Settings tab-> Storage-> Cached Data -> OK to confirm about all the alterations.

Clearing Out All The Cached App Data

2. Empty Or Clean –Up The Download Folder:

Quite similar to a MacBook or a PC, an Android Device also have a Downloads Folder and is one of the commendable hideout for all the miscellaneous and junked files that are usually downloaded from the Internet or with collaboration with the already installed Android applications.

To Eliminate or delete these files, just open the Application Drawer and hit Downloads. Then, hit on the three-line Menu located on the top corner of your screen. Then, sort all the Downloads by the Size functionality. Upon looking on all the Download files, if you will find something un-important , then just hit and hold the un-desired file for minute and then move it on the Trash folder of your device.

Empty Or Clean –Up The Download Folder

3. Dump Images That Are Already Backed-up:

Now-a-days, almost each one of us installed a Google’s Photo App that significantly automate itself to retain the back-up of all the images onto your online Google Account. Once all your memories in the form of images have been backed-up, then you can easily kill up all the locally stored image files, so as to make further more room for storing any new update or any software application.

To successfully apply it, just open the Photos app installed on your android device and then hit on the three-line Menu Button visible on the topmost left corner of your screen. Next, hit on the Free-Up device storage tab. And then finally hit Ok button. This app will clearly specifies you as to how many image files it can considerably clean up from the local storage in the most significant manner.

4. Delete All The Offline Areas Specified In The Google Maps:

Usually each one of has this amazing functionality installed on our android device-known as Google Maps, which allows you to easily navigate, allowing you to both search as well follow up the driving directions and instructions , even when your device is set to offline mode. Along with the potent benefits, those searchable areas on the offline mode, does takes up a lot of memory space in your android device.

To delete this significant amount of storage space being held up by the offline map, just click on the three-line menu button on the top left corner of the Google’s Map App and then considerably hit on Offline mode. Then ,Just hit on Map-> Delete Button, to release the amount of held –up storage space.

Delete All The Offline Areas Specified In The Google Maps

5. Un-Install All The Un-used Applications:

Many a time, we keep on downloading and installing even all those applications , which are either not required or least required ,thus considerably over-stuffing your android device with a lot of applications at large.

To evacue the storage space held by un-used applications, just open the Google Play Store App and hit on the three-line Menu button, generally visualized on the topmost right corner of your devices screen. Then, hit on:

My Apps and Game-> Installed button-> Sort Button (Based on Size or Last Used application us) -> uninstall-> ok.

Un-Install All The Un-used Applications

6. Manage Download Music Functionality:

Usually, Google’s Music Application available on your Android device comes with significant options: one is that it will manually allow to retain or delete whatever music albums, you require to store on your android device or other mean , this will be decide by the Music Application. Whatever, will be the option, in both cases a lot of storage space becomes occupied by the list of our favorite albums at large.

Manage Download Music Functionality

To considerably clear up that several mega or giga bytes of storage space, just hit on the three-line menu option available in the topmost left corner of your screen and then hit on Settings tab, followed by Manage Downloads tab in the most significant manner. This way you can considerably delete all those music collections which are either not of your interest or is installed on its own by the google music app.