6 Prominent Open Source Programming Languages Aimed By Web Developers!

Programing languages plays a pivot role in transforming the thoughts or designs idea into a suitable code. In more technical terms, we can define Programming Languages, which is usually abbreviated as PL, as a way a developer transforms the designs of a software into a suitable code. There are numerous Programming languages that assists in the sound development of the websites highly in accordance to the distinctive needs of the developers.

Each of these programming languages have a well-standardized syntax and semantics that aims at writing the appropriate code , thus generating the final end-product highly in accordance to the precise SRS –Software Requirement Specification document furnished by the web development team. Emphasized below are 6 such prominent open source programming languages that are significantly used by the web developers for the sound development of a website. Let’s discuss each one of them in detail:

1. PHP:

An acronym PHP stands for Personal Home Page and is prevalent HTML-embedded server-side web-scripting language that is suitable for a web development. PHP is enriched with innumerable powerful rich feature- set enriched with flexibility, pragmatics and faster execution right from blog development to the development of websites.


2. Python:

Python is another such famous open source high-level programming language that enables you to integrate several systems effectively. This programming language allows you to specify the optional as well as mandatory arguments while defining functions, along with specification of keywords and arguments along with an arbitrary definition of the argument lists.


3. Perl:

Another most widely used open source programming languages that is widely used by the web developers these days. Perl is basically an acronym for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language. This programming language has been extensively used in the development of portable to mainframes and is quite apt for the development of large-scale development projects as well as rapid-prototyping projects. Along with it, it has extensible set of features that works well with other programming languages as well like HTML, XML or other mark-up languages. Alongside , Perl integrates well with the third-party databases including Oracle, MySQL, ,Postgres and many more.


4. Dart:

Dart is one of the widely used open source application based programming language that is quite easy to deploy, scale and learn and can be used for the web development. Dart is basically an object-oriented, single inheritance, class based object oriented language that has a syntax quite similar to the popular C language and that can be optimally compiled into JavaScript. It precisely supports abstract classes, reified generics, optional typing, interface s and much more.

5. TypeScript:

TypeScript has quite a similar syntax and semantic to that a JavaScript. You can easily use the existing available JavaScript code long with incorporating the widely-used JavaScript libraries and calling the TypeScript code form the references of JavaScript. TypeScript usually well compiles and removes all the errors found in the Java Script code that can run efficiently on any web browser in a JavaScript search engine or Node.js

6. Java:

This is one of the most potent open source programming language widely used by web developer for the sound development of the websites. This particular open source programming language can be widely used in the development of computing platforms ranging from the development of embedded devices to the software applications in the mobile phones along with the software development of supercomputers and enterprise based servers at large.

So, this is all about the 6 prominent open source programming languages that can be severely used by web developers in the development of websites in quite a commendable manner at large.