6 Alternative Web-Browsers To Chrome, Edge, IE And Firefox!

At times we may feel that we have precisely only 4 options to aim while tin for the use of web browsers and it includes Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox. You might have noticed that some people even opt for opera but still for most of the time, it’s about only these 4 web browsers that are immensely used by the end-users. Regardless of the fact, that we have precisely a minor world of web-browsers, there is hopefully numerous other alternative options to the above enlisted web browsers at large.

Besides this comes the fact that all the alternative web browsers will aim to grasp your attention with its enormous enriched features including the privacy, sound GUI, and specializations designed around the new Interface concepts, social media , music and much more. So, guys, if you are really intended to jiggle up the entire web-surfacing experience, do consider the below enlisted 6 amazing alternative web browsers to the Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge. Emphasized below is the brief description of all the 6 alternative web browsers.

Let’s Take A Brief In-sight On Them, In Detail One-by-One:

1. Vivaldi:

Technically speaking, Vivaldi is a chromium based web browser that is used mostly by power users. Since, it’s a chromium based web browser it is purely compatible with all the available extensions from the Chrome Web Store. As soon as you install it, the web browser will significantly aids you in customizing its outlook, so as to suit to the varying needs of its end-users. These customization feature includes start-up page image, Varying color schematics, tab position and many more. Besides this, Vivaldi web-browser encompasses a speed-dial functionality that enables you to quickly access all your favorite sites, it also has a side-panel that enables you to view all the secondary web-pages concurrently and it also has a built-in note taking application.

Along with all the above enlisted features Vivaldi web browser includes some unique features including user interface scaling, tab stacks, adaptive interface colors, moue gestures, saved tab sessions and keyboard shortcuts that are sure to be liked by all the end users quite commendably.

Download Vivaldi

2. Epic Privacy Browser:

This web browser is meant for all those you are a dire fan of chrome but don’t like its feature of diverging over all your information to Google as well as other advertisers. But still this web browser has some chrome-based root framework along with some optimal privacy enriched features including built-in blockers for third-party cookies, trackers, always-turned on private browsing, built-in proxy and many more. Alongside, this amazing web-browser includes a built-in video downloading tool that will illustrate on all the video sites like YouTube and any more.

Epic Privacy Browser

Download Epic Privacy Browser

3. Comodo Ice Dragon:

This web browser is named after its developing Security firm known as Comodo. The Comodo Ice Dragon is a well-known web browser that is enriched with enhanced security levels. This web-browser is precisely based on Firefox, so the Comodo Ice Dragon has also been designed with pocket add-on functionality. Beside this, this particular web browser also enables you to drag and drop the content from a particular web-page to the right side of the browser window, if you want to share it along the social networking sites. In a similar context, you are highly liable to drag and drop the content to the left side of the browser window, if you wish to use that content further as a basis of a sound web-search.

Not only this, the Ice Dragon web browser also has an in-built tablet mode that enables you to switch to the greater interface elements while you are surfing the web pages on a Windows Touchscreen device.Some of its prominent features includes the usage of Comodo’s Secure DNS Service, activated blocking of all the spywares and phishing sites, appropriate scanning for malware and many more.

Comodo Ice Dragon

Download Comodo Ice Dragon

4. Avant Browser:

Avant Browser is another most commendable web browser that offers a sound alternative to the all 4 basic web browsers. This web browser basically includes a splendid functionality known as “Tri-Core Rendering Engine”. So, instead of aiming for the functionality of any specific web browser, it efficiently uses the functionality of the most popular browsing engines including the IE, Safari and Firefox.

Some of the most prominent features included in this web browser are an ‘always-on Top’ feature that ensure that all the opened tabs doesn’t get hidden behind other desktop applications like Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Outlook. Besides this, it also includes a ‘Video Sniffer’ feature that enable its users to easily download all the required videos from the famous websites like YouTube.

Avant Browser

Download Avant Browser

5. Opera Neon:

This particular web-browser was initially debuted in the year 2017 but later on a lot of amendments have been made to this specific web browser. Well in accordance to its name, this web-browser has encapsulated some inspiration from the Neon. Technically speaking, Opera Neon just similar to the official Opera has included Chrome’s Blink Engine in its framework.

However, when you will open this web browser for the first time, you can clearly justified this fact that this particular web browser is not at all based on ‘tab’ functionality. What you are required to do is to for opening any specific website, just mention the URL in the Address bar or alternatively you can hit on any one of the ‘Link Bubbles’.

Opera Neon

Download Opera Neon

6. Maxthon:

Technically speaking, Maxthon is precisely not a single-engine based web browser but in reality it is based on both Webkit (Safari) and Trident (Internet Explorer). By default this web-browser uses Webkit but can be efficiently switched-on to the Trident Mode for all those web-pages that are more usr friendly towards the Internet Explorer. One of the most amazing functionality included in this web browser is that it includes a cloud-based account, which is typically referred to as – “Passport”, whose main function is to synchronize all your browsing data across varying devices. Alongside passport also in turn contains another functionality referred to as –Cloud Push’, which enables you to efficiently share your content with your friends via a text message or by using an e-mail.

Another most amazing functionality include in this web browser includes a notepad, a virtual e-mail mailbox service, which is referred to as UUMail, RSS reader, Password Manager and many more.


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So, guys this all about the 6 incredible alternatives to the 4 basic web-browsers namely, Google, Edge, Firefox and IE. Do use them to see the incredible list of features included in it!