5 Superlative Strategies To Recover The Deleted Or Lost Files On Your Windows Laptop

Many a times, we can encounter this situation, when any of our important File or folder gets deleted by us quite unintentionally while working on our windows laptop. Long since now, it has been a critical issue to recover all the un-intentionally deleted files but now with the advent of new strategic procedures, you can significantly get a track of all our lost or deleted files with in few minutes.Factually speaking, none of your files gets deleted, they are just concealed or get hidden from you. By following certain systematic and organized procedure we can easily reclaim all our lost files.

The very first thing, we usually do in such situations is to look for the deleted file in the recycle Bin folder of your windows laptop. If till now, you have not emptied the recycle bin folder, then you can easily restore your lost or deleted file from this folder and that to with great ease. If however, you fail to recover your file or folder from that section, then do make a trial of tracing the previous version of that file. The previous version of file usually refers to the copy of that lost file, which windows OS usually saves in its hard drive. However, still, if you fail to recover your lost file, then do follow the below listed strategies to get a track of your lost file. Highlighted below are the 5 Superlative Strategies that tends to aid in Recovering the Deleted or Lost Files on Your Windows Laptop. Let’s discuss them in detail:

1. Put a Halt on the usage of the Drive To Protect All Your Files:

The most vital strategy in recovering the lost or the deleted file or folder is to put a halt on using the concerned hard disk drive on which most of our deleted files gets over-written by some other recent document. This will completely ensures you that the deleted or the hidden file will not get over-write by any new program or document at large. So, it is highly recommended that you should stop working on the drive and prohibit any new installation or download on that drive. This will commendably ensures that the lost or deleted file to remain intact and can restored or reclaimed in the near future.

Put a Halt on the usage of the Drive To Protect All Your Files

2. Aim For Downloading A Free Data Recovery Tool:

This is another strategic way, by following which we can easily recover the lost or deleted file. Just do a brief surfing on the Internet and you will significantly get a long list of free Data Recovery Tools that aids in recovering the lost document. Just go ahead and download any one of the most compatible recovery tool, so as to efficiently search for the deleted document. Nevertheless, tis can be a slight tricky procedure. So, one of the optimal thing you can do is to download it on some other drive other than downloading it on that rive from your file gets accidentally deleted. You can also download such tools on the flash drive or External hard drive of your computer at large. Just ensure that the recovery tool should not come along with any installable components, which thus tends to ensure you of the fact that they will not at all interfere with any of those lost hidden files.

Aim For Downloading A Free Data Recovery Tool

3. Extract The Components Of The Data Recovery Tool:

The Data Recovery tools usually comes in the ZIP format. So, you are highly required to extract its components for the efficient installation. If however, you have downloaded these recovery tools to an external drive on the windows laptop, then you are recommended to extract its components on the similar drive. Nevertheless, most of the time, the data recovery tool comes along with an installable components the just go ahead and install it as per directions. This one is usually considered as an optimal strategy to recover the deleted or lost document on the windows laptop.

4. Scan For the Lost File Using The Data Recovery Tool:

Almost all the Data Recovery Tool comes along with a Scan functionality. One such strategy to get a track of lost or deleted files aims at scanning the drive completely for track in the lost file in a most significant manner. That precisely aims at scanning that drive where the file was initially saved. Different recovery tools allows different scanning procedures but all aims to get a track of your lost or deleted file in a most considerable manner. The moment you hit the san button, it will then just scan the selected drive for all the hidden folders and files at large.

Scan For the Lost File Using The Data Recovery Tool

5. Go Through The Dropdown- List of Recoverable Files:

Once the scanning is completed in a full-fledged manner, then just right away the recovery tool will present before you a drop-down list comprising of all the recoverable files. Just go ahead and locate your lost document or file on that list and considerably restore it. This way you will get a lost document aptly on its appropriate place stored on a windows laptop.

Go Through The Dropdown- List of Recoverable Files

So, follow the above enlisted superlative strategic ways to get a track of your lost or deleted files stored on the windows laptop in a significant manner.