5 Superlative Strategies For Reclaiming Privacy In Windows 10!

Technically speaking there is no uncertainty over the fact that Windows 10 is embossed with enormous data-tracking scraps and it can easily hooked in to almost all the online services offered by Microsoft. There are innumerable benefits in handling all the data including astound functionality comprising of Digital Assistant and windows 10 One-Drive Integration functionality. In reality Widows 10 seamlessly shares a lot of data and information with Microsoft, so as to enable a unified and keen experience across the devices in an incredible way.

This article precisely illustrates how the users of windows 10 can disable the Windows 10 integration and reclaim the privacy features in this particular Operating System in quite a convenient manner. Let’s have a brief in sight on them, in detail one-by-one:

1. Disabling Wi-Fi Sense:

This is one of the most prompting features usually offered by windows 10 but this feature is highly related to privacy apprehensions. In actual, Wi-Fi sense has been set to enable mode by default but it doesn’t perform any function unless and until, you will explicitly utilize it. More precisely, we can say that Wi-Fi Sense allows its users to get an easy access to the Wi-Fi Routers that are highly Password protected. That implies to the simple fact that the Wi-Fi passwords can be easily shared and accessed silently across all the encrypted connections in the background while a user is performing some task on his device. The simple point here is that whosoever coms to your place and have installed Windows 10 on his device, can easily logged into your network without seeking your permission and this way your password can easily be shared among others without your knowledge.

So, in order to turn it off or disable it, what you are required to do is to Move to:

Settings Tab-> Network & Internet-> Wi-Fi-> Manage Wi-Fi Settings.

This will open a window specifying 2 options: ‘Connect to Suggested Open Hotspots’ and ‘Connect to Open Networks Shared by My Contacts’. Just marks both these options on off mode or simply disable them. This way you can significantly reclaim privacy in windows 10.

Disabling Wi-Fi Sense

2. Put Advertising Tab On Off Mode:

Another most vital setting that needs to be put on off mode is Advertising integration offered by Windows 10. But don’t fret you can easily disable all the personalized ads in Windows 10 environment quite effectively, as it tends to affect your privacy at large. this is more precisely a two-way process. Firstly, move to:

Settings Tab-> Hit Privacy-> Click on General and then considerably slide the option to off or disable mode that highlights ““lets apps use my Advertising ID to experience across Apps”. This way your device will be protected and the system’s ID will be reset.

The second step aims at: Open the Web BROWSER-> Then Move to “Choice.microsoft.com/en-us/opt-out”. On this page, set an off/ Disable mode for the: “Personalized ads wherever I use my Microsoft Account” and “Personalized ads in this browser”.

Put Advertising Tab On Off Mode

3. Disabling Cortana:

Microsoft has usually embedded the Windows 10 with an amazing functionality termed as Cortana Digital Assistant. This facilitates it’s users for setting reminders, sending e-mails or even marking various significant calendar events in a remarkable way. But, if you are not at all intended to use this functionality, you can disable it with great ease. However, if till now you have not used this functionality in the Windows 10 environment, then you need not to worry as by default it has been set on the off mode. In an alternative case, where it has been enabled and you may have any issues related to privacy apprehensions you can put it on off mode by the below enlisted way:

Hit the Cortana Icon Visible on the TASKBAR-> Hit on the Notebook Icon, visible on the left-hand side of the Pop-Up Panel. Then Click Settings-> just turn this option of off mode that illustrates “Cortana can give you Suggestions, Reminders, Ideas, Alerts and more”.

Disabling Cortana

4. Disable Peer-To-Peer Networking Feature:

Quite similar to Wi-Fi sense feature offered by windows 10, it has another feature known an Peer-to –Peer Networking feature that enables you to share all the updates and system files along your peers in an incredible way. By default this feature has been set to enable mode in windows 10 that can pose a significant threat to your privacy.

To turn it off/ Disable, you need to follow the below listed steps:
Click on Settings-> Then Hit Update & Security-> Hit on Windows Update-> Advanced Option-> click on Choose how Updates are delivered.

Updates can further be delivered in 2 ways on your PC: the first one is by means of distributing updates or upgrades only to the devices across the local network or alternatively, you can set P2P updates on the off mode completely, so that you will remain connected with only Microsoft servers. To put all this on off mode, just set the slider available on this screen to off mode.

Disable Peer-To-Peer Networking Feature

5. Turn Off The Microsoft’s Onedrive Option:

OneDrive option available on Windows 10 enable you to store all the files on the Microsoft’s Cloud Servers. But, however, if you are not at interested in retaining the back-up of all your data on cloud servers you can conveniently turn this feature to off mode.
For this, you need to follow the below enlisted steps:
Hit on the Upward-arrow Placed on the System Tray, that is usually highlighted on the right-hand side of the taskbar. Then -> Right Click on OneDrive Icon-> Hit Settings.

This will further opens up a new window specifying the option” Start OneDrive automatically when, I sign-in to Windows” to the disable mode. Along with this, also set an off mode on the other two options displayed on the window, that are highlighted as: ‘’ Let me Use OneDrive option to fetch any of my files on this PC ‘to the Disable mode. Like-wise the other option highlighted as “ Use Office to work on files with other people at the same time” is also required to be set to the disable mode for reclaiming the privacy.

Turn Off The Microsoft’s Onedrive Option

So, guys this is all about the 5 superlative ways by which you can commendably reclaim the privacy feature in the Windows 10 environment.