5 Strategic Ways To Protect Your Web -Domain From Hijacking Or Theft!

Web Domain name hijacking is one of the most prevailing issues these days. In technical terms, Domain Hijacking is also referred to as Domain Theft and is one of the major issue concerning your website, as this can significantly results in losing the registered domain name of your organization. This further tends to bring about a lot of financial forfeiture in your business ventures in an incredible way. Rightly said that Domain name forms a vital and prominent asset of an organization. So, all in all we can say that safeguarding your website’s Domain name is equi-likely important as protecting the vital assets of your organization.

So, one needs to follow enough safety measures, so as to protect his Domain name form hijacking or theft. Nevertheless, this is one of the most prominent issues circulating these days but still a lot of people or organizations are still unacquainted with it. So, one needs to be quite vigilant and can rightly follow the below enlisted strategic procedures to keep the domain name hijacking at bay.

Highlighted below are 5 strategic procedure that helps to prevent web domain Hijacking or Theft in a commendable way. Let’s take a brief in-sight on all of them, one-by-one in detail:

1. Aim For A Reliable Domain Registrar:

One of the most potent strategic procedure that you need to follow to prevent domain hijacking is to register the domain name of your organization with a relevant Domain Registrar. Many- a- times, it has been visualized that you may get quite a lucrative offer any of the Domain Registration Organization. However, it is recommended that if you are not at all acquainted with the name of the organization, so devoid yourself of taking a gamble and saving some bucks. As an alternative, go ahead with some well-known and reliable organization and get your organization’s domain registered over there. The main reason behind following this measure is that if you carry out this Domain name registration with some reliable and reputed Registrars then they will surely assists you in offering enough safeguard measures for protecting your Domain from unauthorized access or domain thieves in a commendable manner.

Aim For A Reliable Domain Registrar

2. Always Go For Domain Privacy:

Another way is should be followed considerably for protecting your Domain Name from hijacking is to go ahead with the follow up of some domain privacy features. For significantly, enabling this feature on your website, what you are required to do is to just pay quite a few additional Bucks to your Domain Registration company and in turn they will ensure you that your registered Domain Name specifications are fully secured and will not get revealed through WHIOS Directory. So, all in all by hampering the availability of the specifications of your registered domain the WHOIS Directory list, you are safeguarding your domain in an incredible way, so as to restrict domain hackers from ill-using your credentials at large.

Always Go For Domain Privacy

3. Domain Locks:

Another most prominent strategic procedure that aimed to be followed by you for protecting your Domain Name from hijacking is the sound usage of Domain locks and this feature is available with almost each and every reputed Domain registration Organization. By turn this feature in an ON mode/ enabling it, you can considerably hamper the un-authorized transfer of the registered Domain name to any other Registrars. However, many a times, this may happen that you may be required to unlock this feature but anyhow don’t forget to lock it again quite spontaneously, as this is quite a vital step in offering a sound safeguard and protection features to your registered Domain.

4. Keep On Changing The Passwords:

This is always advisable that one should keep on changing the registered credentials from time-to-time, so as to provide a sound and comprehensive security and safeguard features against domain hijacking to your domain name. alongside, whenever you will aim to update your old password just be ensure that you are following all the protocols that tends to make your password secured in a most significant manner. A rule of thumb states that, while naming a password try to use at least 8 characters, including a numeric, special character and an upper-case letter in a considerable manner. Moreover, always secure the Admin zone of your website with a genuine password that can’t be traced or cracked easily.

Keep On Changing The Passwords

5. Aim For A Two-Step Verification Procedure:

Almost every recognized Domain Registry Providers will offer you with this safeguard and protection feature. More precisely, a two-step verification procedure aims for offering an additional layer or level of security to all your registered credentials. As for instance, whenever you will log-in to your domain for accessing it, a text message will be forwarded to your registered mobile number along with a verification code. For accessing you domain further, you need to specify this verification code and only then you will be directed further to access your registered account.

So, do follow all the above enlisted strategic ways, so as to protect your registered domain from hijacking or theft in a considerable manner.