5 Strategic Steps To Insert An SSD Into The De-funct DVD Drive Slot In A Laptop!

Many a time, we may come across this usual issues of running out of performance, memory and speed while using your old laptop. What is generally referred at this juncture is to replace the currently use HDD to SSD which may help out to a certain extent. Nevertheless, the criticality of the situation is that you will be provided with only one SATA Drive Slot in your laptops. So, the only solution to this problem is to replace the optical drive mounted on your laptop with a brand original SSD drive.

The pre-requisites for upgrading your old SSD drive to new DVD drive precisely includes An SSD SATA Adapter and a SSD drive. Emphasized below is the list of 5 strategic steps that is optimally required to be followed so as to insert an SSD into De-funct DVD Drive slot. Let have a brief in-sight on them in detail:

1. Switch Off The Laptop:

The very first step aims at switching “OFF” the laptop, so as to access its bottom panel. At the back panel of the optical drive, you will see tightly screwed nuts.

Switch Off The Laptop

2. Remove The Optical Drive:

These days, many laptops precisely contains only a single screw, so as to hold on the DVD drive. Now, what you are required to do is to lose the screw, so as to remove or un-tie the optical DVD Drive from your laptop. At times, it may also be possible that, the screw nuts are mounted besides the bottom panel of your laptop, so do consult the laptop’s manual before untying the optical DVD Drive from your laptop.

Remove The Optical Drive

3. Pulling Out The DVD Optical Drive:

Once the screws are removed, next just pull out the optical drive from your laptop. After this, remove the bezel or the faceplate from the DVD Drive by just unyielding it gently by means of a screw driver. Next, upon its removal, just mend it alongside the bezel or the faceplate to the drive caddy.

Pulling Out The DVD Optical Drive

4. Attaching The Metal Bracket:

Another most prominent strategic step in this mounting procedure of SDD Drive into the de-funct DVD Drive slot is to attach the metal bracket that is precisely located on the back panel of the Optical Drive Tray o hold on the optical drive tightly inside your laptop. Next, jus remove it and then attach it significantly to the drive caddy. You may be required to loosen the tightly held screws placed alongside the drive caddy, so as to commendably insert wither a SSD or hard drive inside the drive caddy. Next, push the SSD Drive so as to insert the SATA Connector closely to th caddy connector of your drive.

5. Turn “ON” the Laptop And Check for the BIOS UPGRADE:

This is the last step in this installation procedure and it aims at tightening all the four screws of the drive caddy significantly so as to clasp the SSD Drive resolutely. Then, just attach the bezel or the faceplate of the back panel to the caddy drive’s front panel and the mount it firmly on your laptop. Then once again check all the screw nuts and tighten them. If required alongside turning your laptop on the ON mode. At times, you may also come across this situation, when your laptop is inept to recognize the SSD Drive, then what you are required to do is to either upgrade the BIOS configuration of your laptop or just move to Windows Disk Management module and track for SSD Drive Partition and then just format it followed by mounting it considerably on your laptop.

This is all about the 5 strategic steps to insert an SSD into the de-funct Drive slot in a laptop.