5 Incredible Local-Testing Environments For WordPress!

In the technical terms, ‘Testing Environments’ usually plays quite a pivot role in offering you with relatively economical and easy techniques so as to test all the WordPress plug-ins , themes and he new launches of WordPress platform without interrupting your live WordPress sitein a commendable manner. It has been visualized that it all in all it is the responsibility of the System administrators to follow a well-planned and strategic measures for testing your WordPress site for any possible bugs or even making any updates to your site.

More precisely, there are innumerable number of ways, by following which you can easily configure a local-test environment for the prevailing web-hosting account. Discussed below are 5 such local-testing environments available for your WordPress website encompassing alternatives for both the OS X and Windows environment in a significant manner.

Let’s Discuss Them Briefly:


XAMPP is basically an acronym standing for multiple terminologies like Cross platform(X), Apache (A), Maria DB (M), PHP (P) and Perl (P). More precisely to say it is usually the most simple, light-weight and freeware open source Apache distribution platform that tends to offer you relatively easiness in developing the local-web hosting servers exclusively for deployment and testing purposes at large particularly for Linux, Windows or OS X environments.

Download XAMPP

2. WampServer:

This one is another most familiar web development and local testing environment that enables its end-users to develop the web applications with PHP, Apache2 and MySQL significantly. More precisely, this local-hosting environment comes with SQLite Manager and PHPMyAdmin functionalities, so as to offer an easiness in managing the databases efficiently. All in all WampServer is quite easy to mount and its usage is also very spontaneous.

Download WampServer

3. Duplicator:

As the name suggests this local-testing environment for the WordPress site is available for free and is a very familiar WordPress pug-in that allows you to clone the original WordPress site at large, so as to use it feasibly in another place. Implying to the fact that this particular web hosting environment is very useful if you wish to create a duplicate copy of the original WordPress site , thus allowing you with the amazing functionality of testing the themes, upgrades or the plug-ins of the WordPress site before interrupting the services on the live site and then utilizing it for testing purposes either on the web-hosting account itself or on your local machine.

Download Duplicator

4. Instant WordPress:

This one is another most incredible full-fledged standalone and handy WordPress application environment that ca efficiently transform the Windows machine into a complete and comprehensive WordPress development server. Instant WordPress has an amazing capability that can easily execute from the USB key as well. Besides this, this freeware open source platform has been aided with the embedded Apache Server, MySQL and PHP installations as well that can be initiated and terminated spontaneously.

Download Instant WordPress

5. Desktop Server:

This particular local-testing environment for the WordPress site is quite easy to configure and more precisely just take a fraction of time to initiate the WordPress site for testing on the local hosting machine. It has been aided with amazing functionalities like offering Multi-site support, expansion of developer plug-in library, top-graded support system, direct deployment and testing of the live site, cross platform support for Windows and Mac OS and easily customized configuration with facsimiles and many more.

Download Desktop Server

So, go ahead and make a trial of all the above listed incredible local-testing environments for your WordPress sites in a commendable manner.