5 Amazing Peer Reviews Of An E-Ball PC At A Glance!

It is quite obvious that we all are acquainted with Computer, Laptops, and Tablet PC but have you ever perceived or heard anything about E-Ball Technology? Seriously guys, the concept of E-ball technology is definitely the 8th Miracle of the World that tends to revolutionize the whole era of technology soon. The Concept of E-Ball Technology was basically proposed by ‘Apostol Tnokovski’ – a Macedonian Product Designer by Profession. This one is a breathtaking technology and by looking at its functionalities, we can be assure that this will be going to rock in the near future.

Emphasized below is the detailed and precise functionalities offered by the E-Ball technology.

Let’s Have A Brief Insight On Them:

1. Precise Definition Of The Functionality Offered By E-ball Pc:

E-Ball’ technology is one of the recent concepts and is usually category as a kind of PC, which is spherical in shape and is quite trivial in design and look as compared to your desktops or the laptops and it works solely on the usage of the beam of Laser-rays. Besides this, the E-Ball PC includes quite a similar hardware and tangible components like larger Screen Display, Mouse, Keyboard, DVD and many more.

An E-Ball PC aims at placing this kind of PC on the two stands, which can be easily flapped-up by taping the two buttons simultaneously, located on both the ends of the E-Ball PC. Be ensure that E-Ball PC doesn’t comprise of any External Display Unit functionality .It’s in fact an in-built functionality inculcated in this specific kind of PC.

Precise Definition of the Functionality offered by E-Ball PC

2. In-built Architectural Functionality Of E-ball Pc:

The foremost captivating thing about this spherical PC is that it in totality, the E-Ball PC measures about 160 mm in Diameter and contains 120 × 120 mm motherboard and is specifically designed to be run for Microsoft Windows Operating System Platform. Besides, this, it comprises of all the basic functionalities included in your PC or Laptop but adjusted in an innovative matter.

Like it contains Dual-Core Processor, 2 GB of In-built RAM,250-500 GB HDD, 2 speakers of 50 W each, HD-DVD Recorder, integrated sound and graphic card, I-Tech Virtual or laser keyboard, wireless optical Mouse, Modem, Paper- Holder, Integrated LCD Projector , Web-Cam, LAN and WLAN Card and many more.

In-built Architectural Functionality of E-Ball PC

3. Display Unit Functionality In E-ball Pc:

More precisely, to say an E-Ball computer doesn’t have any External display hardware unit attached with it. But it has been designed with a button option, holding which allows a projector to be popped –up, thus focusing the screen of this spherical computer on the wall which can be then well adjusted with the navigation keys.

If however, you don’t have an output device or a wall available with you, you can significantly make use of the Paper- Sheet Holder, which will project the output to the paper with ease quite similar to an Umbrella mechanism. This Paper-Sheet holder is usually located on the Back-Panel of this spherical PC.

Display Unit Functionality in E-Ball PC

4. Software Interface Functionality Available With E-ball Pc:

The E-Ball PC contains a software interface, which has been managed with Icons that are user-friendly in nature and are quick to remember quite instantly. Besides this, it has been programmed to work for all version of Windows Operating Systems .Frankly speaking, this compact and small size spherical PC is best to be utilized when you are working in your office and want to make video presentations and is best to be utilized even for entertainment purpose like listening to some music, want to Chat or at times even for watching Movies.

Software Interface Functionality Available With E-Ball PC

5. Various Pros Vs Cons Of E-ball Pc Functionality:

Every technology offers few advantages and few disadvantages. First of all let’s share some advantages or Pro’s usually associated with this magnificent technology. What to talk of the innumerable advantages offered by this compact and manageable size E-Ball PC, which includes its higher efficiency, ease of use, large memory- which enables us to store huge amount of information and data without worrying about memory constraints, quite portable, it backs user – defined Keyboard Layouts, ideal for making presentations, contrasting and well-aided security features as that of your PC or Laptop.

On the contrary, this technology does suffer from some point able disadvantages or con’s significantly which includes difficulty in handling it , if any how some technical issues arises on the hardware front, only liable to support Windows or its subsequent versions , all other OS fails to work on it. Lastly, one of the prime issue of concern is its extreme high cost.

So, to conclude we can say that with the advent of technology at its peak point, the E-Ball technology as significantly defined new horizons for the technology and with this approach, it has now become conceivable for us to keep the workstation in our pocket all the times of the day.

Various Pros vs Cons of E-Ball PC functionality